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Behind the Lens

A Chicago native living in NYC and graduate of Fordham's Acting program, John is an actor and stunt performer with skills in production development for Film and Theater. 

While calling South Loop home, John spent most his time in Old Town, studying French from kindergarten through 8th grade at LaSalle Language Academy and dabbling in Judo after school at the Menomonee Club


High School brought the commute farther north to Wilmette’s Loyola Academy, where John continued studying French while developing an athletic discipline during Track and Cross Country seasons.  A stint with shin splints kept him off the field his final season, but provided an opening for the stage.  After playing Dr. Emmet in John Patrick's “The Curious Savage” there was no going back. 


The actor’s calling brought John to New York City where he received a BA in Acting at Fordham University.  The Theatre program provided an opportunity to dive into the acting while building skills working behind the scenes from building sets, loading in lights, to even helping stage manage and run shows both on and off campus.  And with Brooklyn natives for parents, John was well aquainted with the Big Apple long before dorm-life. 


John's French connection grew as he familiarized himself with the cinema classics and hidden gems from Carné to Cocteau, Renoir to Rohmer, Truffaut to Tati, etc.  Inspired by the poetic realism led by poet and screenwriter Jacques Prévert, John is underway translating the late poet's work in the hopes of expanding Prévert's legacy to a larger english speaking audience.


Inspired by the storytelling physicality of greats from Chaplin to Chan, John has been incorporating fight choreography and stunt work to his acting repertoire through his continued training in Martial Arts.  John was introduced to the world of Aikido in the summer of his Sophomore year, where he had the pleasure to train and travel under great teachers from Chicago’s Tenshinkan, to Connecticut’s Aiki Farms, to Shoshinkan in Rhode Island.  


John is also the co-creator and a writer for YIPPIE KI-AY! DO CINEMA.

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